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Travelers Jig on CD Maytime Swing- This is one of my favorite tunes to play and always puts me in a good mood Frost On The Pumpkin- First heard this tune played by one of my fiddle hero's "Kenny Baker". Waltz Promenade- Great ol' thyme dance waltz that has a specific dance pattern. Dungannon Sweetheart / Traveler's Jig- I Loved Dungannon Sweetheart the first time I heard it, a great Graham Townsend Jig, followed by another great tune, "Traveler's Jig" by John Arcand Maple Leaf Two Step / Out The Buckhorn Way- Canada has a wealth of great fiddler's who have written really good tunes and here are 2 of them! The first by "Ward Allen" the second by "Leonard Sexsmith" Pat's Country- I love the suaveness of this "Roy Warhurst" tune, I play it all the time and get many request for it as well Dance With Me Kenny- Another great "Kenny Baker" tune Bristol Square- Wrote this tune with my good friend and road buddy, "Gordon Stobbe" This tune is written for Bristol New Brunswick Oklahoma Hills- Heard this old country song on the radio while driving one day, thought it would make a great fiddle tune Gold Fiddle Waltz-This "Frankie Rodger" Tune is such a pretty waltz Preeceville Reel- Written by my good friend and musical idol "Vic Mullen" who is currently living in Preeceville, Saskatchewan Snow Deer / Lamp Lighter's Hornpipe- Two tunes I grew up playing and still do Musicians Jj Guy- Fiddle, Back up Fiddles. Lead Guitar(5) Lead Mandolin (8) Vic Mullen- Lead and Rhythm Guitar, Mandolin, Banjo Hank Ukrainetz- Bass (1,3,4,8,9,10) Joan Mullen- Bass (2,5,6,7,11,12) Troy MacGillvery- Piano (3,4,10) Lawrence Gaudry- Drums (1,3,9,10) Gordon Stobbe- Lead Guitar (7) Recorded at Malibu Studio's Produced and Engineered by Jj Guy Arrangements Jj Guy Photo's by Crimson Art Photography Graphic Design by Marline York.

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